In ADUS Technologies we believe mastering the technology is simply not enough! We bring for our customers competent services and tools needed for successful project delivery or long-term cooperation. As our customer you get instant access to our ADUS Technologies agile stack:

  • official project calendar, development wiki, documentation
  • issue tracking, estimations/time spent per task
  • all necessary test environments with latest version of your software updated nightly
  • for advanced users:
    • access to source code repositories
    • web-based repository browsing, post-commit review, analysis & collaboration access
    • artifacts repository, DB browser

Custom software    #AGILE_DEVELOPMENT

Does your business approach the milestone where you need tailored software with special functionality and custom business processes coverage?

Agile approach backed by ADUS Technologies agile stack enables us even in the early stages of the analysis and requirements gathering phases to deliver stable, usable software solution that will evolve together with your business. This makes every green or brownfield project a confident drive towards the target with proper documentation and appropriate quality.


Improvements    #MAINTENANCE

Does your company live in rapidly changing business environment but your existing software solution loses track with reality? Do you need to extend existing or even add more features to it?

We are ready to extend and deliver customized modules, subsystems, features, improvements and bug-fixes in order to keep your existing software solution on track with your business.


Software renovation    #LEGACY

Does your software require not only simple refactoring but a true face lift?

We assist you to:

  • rethink existing features
  • reorganize and cleanup logical layers in compliance with OOD principles and design patterns
  • incorporate latest technology standards
  • automate and stabilize build and deployment procedures
  • expand to additional platforms e.g. mobile, web

Testing    #COMPLIANCE

Speed up your development by outsourcing your QA needs to us!

Compliance checking between software requirements and reality is an important part of development. We gladly cover your lines for you by use of:

  • Unit testing
  • Integration tests
  • Graphical User Interface tests

Documentation    #ANALYSIS

Obsolete or missing documentation for your software?

We do a backward analysis of your codes and database to bring back the documents up-to-date again. Depending on the existing state of documentation we can reverse engineer and uncover hidden or not working features of your software. Using visual tools and UML language we deliver comprehensive overview of your existing software.


Technical expertise    #TECHNOLOGY

Stuck with Java technology? Delegate R&D tasks to us and save time for development!

We are prepared to advise on advanced topics such as architectural and framework assessment/configuration, technical proof of concepts or design decisions.