Queue Management System ReSys

If there is a queue of people then ReSys is the perfect solution which:

  • brings order, efficiency and comfort to the waiting rooms
  • gives extensive settings & configuration possibilities for operators
  • supports
    • unlimited queues
    • multiple operators per queue
    • unlimited booking queue kiosk stands
  • runs in different restriction modes per queue
  • streams real-time information towards customers and operators
  • can withstand hard pressure in delicate environments (e.g. doctor’s waiting room)
  • works best with touchscreens and receipt printers
  • achieves blazing fast performance
  • cuts any additional license costs since ReSys runs on any operating system of your choice

Proven competence

  • multiple instances since 2009
  • real-time availability round the clock
  • 1 000 000+ issued tickets
  • serving more than 50 queues every day
  • ongoing development on ReSys2 that will support internet bookings, remote management, statistics, …