Story Behind ADUS Technologies s.r.o.

The idea to found a software house in Slovakia came back in 2015. That time I was working in Vienna for a software company as project manager and we had been finishing a tailored ERP solution for paper factories written in Java. After the ERP had gone productive I made the decision to relocate and to help in our family business ADUS in Poprad, Slovakia.

ADUS has been a stable healthcare & pharmacy services provider in the region for more than 25 years. We would like to diversify our service portfolio and I, as a full-stack software engineer with project management experience, am responsible for IT branch of ADUS.

At the moment we are setting up necessary infrastructure, processes and recruiting Java developers.


Company Name

ADUS Technologies s.r.o.

Management Body

Ing. Dušan Sichrovský

VAT Nubmer

<will be added>

Regulatory information (slovak language)

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ADUS Technolologies s.r.o., Fraňa Kráľa 2049/82, 058 01 Poprad, Slovakia, Europe



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